BAXI Luna HT 1.45


Wallhung Condensing Boilers


Baxi Luna wallhung condensing boilers are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient appliances:


•Emit 90% less CO and 80% less NOx

•Operate at up to 98% efficiency

•Compatible with any type of hydronic air handler, wall or baseboard radiator, or in-floor radiant heating system.

•Ideal for custom radiant heating applications, such as snowmelt and heated towel racks.


Baxi Luna HT 1.45, 1.65 and 1.100


•Luna HT 1.450 modulates from 153,546 to 52,058 BTU/H output

•Luna HT 1.650 modulates from 221,789 to 69,326 BTU/H output

•Luna HT 1.100 modulates from 348,039 to 106,766 BTU/H output

•Modulating fan and calibrated venturi

•Modulating gas/air mechanical control

•Nickel-chrome stainless steel (AISI 316L) primary heat exchanger, high resistance to corrosion, no internal welding, large heat exchange surface and low heat inertia

•Double cylinder stainless steel burner (AISI 316L)

•Double CPU microprocessor for efficiency optimization

•Automatic self diagnostics

•Anti-freeze protection (Unit will operate at low fire until 30°C (86° F) loop temperature is achieved)

Condensing Boilers  




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